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93 linear ft.
Originally known as The Judge, the Shreveport Journal was;first published on January 7, 1895. The Judge became the Shreveport Journal on;February 17, 1897. J. E. Goodwin founded The Judge and ownership changed frequently;during the early years. William E. Hamilton bought the Journal ca. 1900 and operated;it until 1911 when it was purchased by the Journal Publishing Co., with A. J. Frantz, President;and Douglas Attaway, Secretary. In 1918 Attaway acquired controlling interest and became;president and publisher in 1925. He was succeeded by his son 1957. In 1976 the Journal;was purchased by Shreveport businessman, Charles T. Beaird. The Journal ceased;publication on March 30, 1991. The collection contains news clippings, negatives;and photographs, primarily from Dr. Beaird's years as owner and publisher. It also;includes the Journal Birthday Edition of January, 1921.

18 linear ft.
This collection contains 76 volumes of jail registers;suspect records, and record of arrests in the city of Shreveport with information;including the name of the arresting officer, the person arrested and his/ her race;gender, age, marital status, fines imposed, and the date of discharge. There are also;two scrapbooks: one dated 1910-1927, belonging to T. D. (Teddy) Price, a Shreveport;detective, and another from the Shreveport Police Department dated 1983-1985.