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066 WILLIS P. BUTLER (1888-1991) PAPERS, 1909-1973.
56 linear ft.
Caddo Parish Coroner for half-a-century, he was an expert;in forensic pathology, investigator of forensic-medico-legal matters, and Director;of the Narcotics Clinic in Shreveport in the 1920's. Includes correspondence;1915-1973, relating to his education, medical career, work with the narcotics;clinic and affiliation with social and professional organizations. Coroner;police, accident and pathology reports as well as photographs and newspaper;clippings. Also includes correspondence and commitment records relating to;Central Louisiana State Hospital in Pineville, Louisiana, history sheets of the;Narcotics Division of the Louisiana State Board of Health, 1919-1920, and;published works on anatomy, pathology and medical chemistry.

088 J. HOWELL FLOURNOY (1891-1966) SCRAPBOOKS, 1938-1966.
3 linear ft.
Chief deputy sheriff in charge of tax collections of;Caddo Parish for 14 years before becoming sheriff, 1940-1966, and the leading;conservative in the Democratic Party, he was honored by the Americanism Forum of;Shreveport as the "Outstanding Conservative of 1965." Newspaper clippings;photographs, correspondence, relating to the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Dept.;and the Flournoy Family.

157 MRS. D. H. PERKINS (1909 -1980) PAPERS, 1842-1980.
35 linear ft.
Charter member of North Louisiana Historical Association;and Historic Preservation Society of Shreveport and instrumental in the placement;of numerous historical markers in the Shreveport area. Papers include newspaper;clippings and Louisiana publications, scrapbooks, some correspondence, photographs;maps, postcards and programs relating to various topics in Louisiana history.

306 DILLARD P. EUBANK PAPERS, 1900-1984.
1 linear ft.
Assorted materials of Eubank's insurance and real estate business;items relating to Caddo Prohibition League (pre-1920), some photographs, maps;programs, and pamphlets.

5 linear ft.
Edward Williams, Jr. was a member of the State Highway Commission;the Democratic State and Parish Central Commission and the State Insurance Commission.;These papers include business and political correspondence, clippings, publications and;photographs of Louisiana politicians.

40 linear ft.
This collection consists of a series of reports, documents;correspondence, photographs, and photographic negatives from the files of the;Caddo Parish Coroner's Office, and primarily dates from the mid 1920's to the;late 1960's. Most of the material originated from the first tenure in office;(1916-1961) of long-time Caddo Parish Coroner, Dr. Willis P. Butler (1888-1991).;Included are fatal and non-fatal injury reports, autopsy reports, laboratory;analyses, mental case reports, and institution commitment forms, as well as;coroner's office correspondence.;(See also: Collection 066;Willis P. Butler Papers.)